A Wonderful Year in Year 4

Dear Principal Morrison and Vanessa Nicholas (Year 4 Teacher),

I just wanted to say thank you for giving our son such a wonderful year in Year 4.

My son is not one to compliment anyone quickly nor give them praise.  He is a bright boy who is quick to assess a persons character. Once he respects a person he will do all he can to work hard for them and to apply himself to all aspects of learning and challenges in the school environment.

I have heard nothing but a high level of appreciation and respect from him towards you as a person and a teacher.  I have seen him increasingly apply himself and work hard as we have moved throughout the year.

The short time of schooling that he spent at home earlier in the year made him appreciate you and your teaching ability and the volume of work that you get through with the students on a daily basis.  I appreciated all the extra effort and time that you spent in making those couple of weeks for him to school at home possible.  Nothing was too much for you and there was always a smile and words of encouragement.

My husband and I often believe that it is the people you meet and the books that you read that form you as a person.  You have most definitely had a positive impact upon our son both academically and in his character development.

I have a son who speaks highly of you on a regular basis.  His comments are around the way you teach in the classroom … ‘Miss Nicholas is kind and fun in class but when it’s time to work there is to be no mucking around … she is always fair’ … to the time you spend playing handball with the children after school: ‘ I miss out on playing handball with Miss Nicholas after school because you collect me from the pick up zone … don’t you think you could collect me from the classroom a little later?’

Too often the fast pace of life can stop us from taking the time to appreciate what we have and to stop and say thank you.  I felt that it was important to let you know just how you have impacted upon the life of one of your students. I have a child who happily goes to school each day, who comes home and is self directed in completing his homework and constantly strives for the highest standard that he can achieve across all aspects of schooling from academics to music to sport.

He thinks you are a wonderful teacher and I know he will miss not having you next year.

Luckily we have many more little Goodwin‘s yet to move up through the Primary School and have the privilege of being in your class.

Many thanks for all you have done.

God bless,

Belinda and David Goodwin