Heads of House

Head of House – Bernall

Mr Gordon HookerThe Bernall Tutor teachers and Head of House have a great passion for students and their pastoral care needs. We want to give as many students as possible a positive schooling experience. We have a burden for our students and want to help them become good, strong upstanding members of society.

As the Head of House for Bernall I am a strong believer in mentoring and encouraging our Senior students to live their lives as a witness to the rest of our students. I have a desire to build Bernall House into a lighthouse and a tree of refuge. Bernall House is aims to pastor, teach, and prepare young people for God’s service.

In Bernall House we want to help students to value a positive culture and high standard of professionalism.  Students will be encouraged to take ownership for their behaviour and the behaviour of their peers. Students will learn that their decisions and actions impact others and that there are consequences to all behaviour, appropriate and inappropriate. Students will learn that we all have a right to feel safe and a right to learn in our College. I want to continue building on the idea that the students are accountable to each other and their actions impact on the college community.

All Students in Bernall House are a valued part of the family.

Mr Gordon Hooker
Head of House 


Head of House – Livingstone

Mr Gerrie LabuschagneComing to Brisbane Christian College with a limited knowledge of prior customs puts me in a position where I can have a neutral approach towards ALL students.  I am excited about the holistic pastoral care approach that is embedded in the House system. My desire is to see each student, in any House, to come to their full potential. I  believe that with our House system, we will be able to reach students that in the past may have been overlooked. I heard it said before that students rarely remember what we teach them but how we treat them. If every member of Livingstone House leaves our College with memories of belonging and a sense of achievement, I believe that we as members of Livingstone have lived and experienced the College life to the fullest.

Winning the House trophy at the end of the year is only going to be the cherry on top.

Mr Gerrie Labuschagne
Head of House Livingstone


Head of House – Pascal

Mr Nathan CoxPascal House is named after ‘Blaise Pascal’ a brilliant scientist, mathematician, and philosopher born in 1623. I hope to establish a culture amongst Pascal students where students expect to succeed. I aim to emphasise the very qualities of Pascal that led to his success, that of hard work, commitment, exploring, thinking outside the box, going above and beyond, and encourage our students to be the best they can be.

I am excited by the opportunity that the House system provides, to more consistently care for our students, though stronger Tutor/student bonds and to better nurture our future leaders, to see them hone the abilities that God has gifted them with.

Mr Nathan Cox
Head of House – Pascal