Outdoor Education

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

duke of edThe Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is about challenging students in adventure and achievement and is an internationally recognised program for young people aged 14-25 that introduces them to opportunities to set and achieve goals. Recipients are required to participate in a service, skill and sport and are awarded at a bronze, silver or gold level.

The Expedition Badge is a new Brisbane Christian College award presented to those students who have attended expedition camps throughout the year. Recipients of this badge must also have met either a bronze, silver or gold standard by demonstrating the following criteria: leadership, teamwork, cooperation, environmental care, problem solving, planning, navigation, safety and campcaft.

Through life we all have trials and tests. Our school believes that these trials, and how we respond to them, are what defines us. We believe that to achieve we must be tested. As students move into Senior School there is a need to move from childhood to adulthood. There is a need for an event or initiation that the students see as a leaving behind of the old and a taking on of responsibility and maturity. Wouldn’t it be good if students could look back on a moment and say “that is the weekend when I decided to make good choices as much as possible in life”? In Year 9 we intend to give the students an opportunity to grow in maturity.