Strategic Directions

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Brisbane Christian College is committed to an improvement process that sees the College continuously grow in strength. The College Vision, Mission and Values have recently been revised to reflect the culture of Brisbane Christian College. The new College Vision, Mission and Values are:

College Vision

Brisbane Christian College, as a Ministry of Life Church Brisbane, is the preferred place of learning. Our community empowers students to live Christ-focused lives. We aspire for excellence and equip our members to achieve their maximum potential.


Brisbane Christian College provides quality, holistic education that is both Christ-centred and innovative; encouraging confident, creative, life-long learners. Our community equips its members to become resourceful servant leaders who live with dignity and care for others to the glory of God.


  • Honour Jesus Christ
  • Empower others
  • Aspire to excellence
  • Respect others and self
  • Develop dynamic relationships.

The Brisbane Christian College team recently collaborated under the direction of an Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) consultant regarding the areas of focus for the strategic direction of the College over the next three to five years.