What Makes Our Aviation Program Unique?

Start with a recreational pilots licence and progress to a private or commercial pilot's licence. Students will qualify for a commercial pilot's licence by the end of Year 12.

Daily flight training from 1pm for up to 5 days per week

Program run at the Archerfield aerodrome through BASAIR, less than 10 minutes from school

Provides credits to go towards Year 12 results

VET Fee Assisted Program

Aviation Academy

About the Program

The Brisbane Christian College aviation program is integrated into Students’ Senior Schooling program, with additional learning throughout Years 11 and 12. Flight training generally takes place from 1pm and can be up to 5 days a week with additional days during school holidays. This includes theory work and practical flying lessons. Students must complete about 130 hours flying time to qualify for a commercial pilot’s licence.

Students will receive a Recreational Pilot’s Licence, before progressing to a Private and then onto a Commercial Pilot’s Licence by the end of Year 12.

‘Taking part in the Brisbane Christian College Aviation Program through BASAIR is one of the best decisions I have made, and I am very happy to be a part of this amazing program,’ Thomas Jastremski

Unmanned Systems Academy

The Certificate III in Aviation provides students with an understanding of the functionality and operations of an unmanned aircraft. This modern form of aviation is emerging as a promising career worldwide. It has produced innovation in agriculture and environmental work, and promises to create even more opportunity in the future.

Work in many industries


Emergency Services




Study Options

Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight)

Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)

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