Completed Projects
Energy Efficiency at the Primary Campus (2017)

As part of an energy efficiency initiative, we have installed 322 solar panels at our Primary Campus to reduce energy consumption by thirty-five to forty percent. With the expected increased cost of electricity, we were looking for ways to reduce this cost as well as utilise clean energy sources. The installation was completed in January and commissioned in March. We are monitoring this closely and are already seeing the savings as projected, with approximately seventy kilowatts per hour and up to 400 kilowatts saved per day on a good day.

We have also changed most of our lighting (classrooms, emergency, bunker and car park) to LED. Our new LED lights use at least fifty percent less power and have a much longer lifespan; setting a positive example by taking steps to tackle limit change and reduce landfill. While there are many poor-quality LED lights on the market, we have installed high quality LED’s that use high-end Rubycon capacitors with a rated lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. These do not only save power but improve the quality of the light for our students and staff. Unlike fluorescent lights, LED’s are also shatterproof and do not contain mercury, improving the safety of students. Taking a step further, we have organised for our fluorescent tubes to be recycled.

Mr John Abraham
Business Manager