Completed Projects
Primary Resource Centre Renovations (2019)

In May 2019 some hardworking heroes were busy knocking out internal walls in the Primary Resource Centre to eliminate the claustrophobic entrance and create a much more open area. Our open design now allows for a more flexible arrangement that is used for meetings, tutoring, lessons, student projects and extra teaching space.

Primary Resource Centre Upgrade 6

We have improved the shelving for picture books, which now features three additional front-facing shelves for easy student access. This shelving arrangement has increased the variety of books that children are borrowing and reading. We have also added a custom-built wooden train shelf, which entices and creates interest to access books and encourage a love of reading, especially among the Lower Primary ages.

We have purchased a horseshoe-shaped seating and desk centre, which allows for classes and teachers to come and use iPads at the standing desks, or sit on the inside seating for computer-assisted lessons with the projector and white board arrangement. The desks are at standing height for children to use for writing or electronic activities and research. Several options for group work exist in our desk and seating arrangements, which are used for student writing, planning, research and discussions.

We look forward to the door renovations, which will see the garage door and the ageing wooden entry door replaced with new glass entryways, communicating externally the value that we place on literacy and learning in our College.

We seek to make the Resource Centre an attractive and usable space because of the value that we as a College place on reading and learning. It is our hope that these facilities will be the springboard to spur our children on to greater learning, literacy and becoming all that God has for them.

Mrs Alison Collins
Primary Library Coordinator