Overview of College Connect Positions



  • Leads the College Connect
  • Sets the Agenda for the Executive Meetings and the College Connect  Meetings in consultation with the Principal
  • Chairs the Executive Meetings and the College Connect Meetings
  • Contributes feedback for the parent body via the College newsletters and  the Yearbook
  • Liaises with the College Management Team, in particular the Principal
  • Prepares a written report for the board quarterly



  • Supports the College Connect through a variety of administrative duties
  • Takes the minutes for Executive Meetings and  College Connect Meetings
  • Prepares a summary of College Connect meetings for posting on the college website
  • Deals with incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Produces documents, flyers and advertisements on behalf of  College Connect and in accordance with the College style guide



  • Facilitates access to the College Connect funds
  • Liaises  with administration department of the College, namely the Business Manager
  • Ensures accurate records and accounts are maintained.
  • Assists in the oversight of re-imbursements for the Second Hand uniform shop.
  • Presents financial reports to the College Connect  Executive and the participants of the College Connect


SPEAK (Prayer) Coordinator

  • Co-ordinates and facilitates Parent-Led Prayer groups at the College, praying for the needs of the College community
  • Accesses prayer requests and communicates these to other prayer group leaders ensuring confidentiality
  • Supports prayer group leaders in a pastoral way
  • Liaises with and engages the College Chaplain in the weekly prayer meetings.


 SERVE (Volunteers) Coordinator

  • Connects volunteers with the relevant staff participants for specific tasks
  • Administration of the volunteer register and details of volunteer skills
  • Facilitates applications for blue cards in accordance with the College policy
  • Induction of new volunteers
  • Collation of volunteer hours at end of term/semester/year
  • Co-ordinates the Volunteer Morning Tea. 


EVENTS (Fundraising) Coordinator

  • Builds a team of people to help facilitate fundraising events
  • Plans and organises appropriate events which can raise funds or enhance the social connections within the College
  • Organises advertising, promotion and staffing of events
  • Co-ordinates regular stalls and is the liaison person for the College Fete.


WELCOME (Connections) Coordinator

  • Extends hospitality to current and potential families of the College and serves as a point of contact
  • Facilitates parent representatives at  Information evenings and Open Mornings providing hospitality and  information about  opportunities  that parents have to engage with College Connect
  • Produces and distributes class contact lists and communicates with class Parent Representatives
  • Assists the Registrar to share the vision of the College with prospective families.


Executive Participants

  • Have a heart for the College
  • Work in collaboration with the College to see positive outcomes for the Students
  • Attend Executive meetings as appropriate
  • Attend College Connect Meetings
  • Represent the College Connect at Information Evenings, Open Mornings and other community events as required
  • Build relationships with other parents in the College


Parent Representative

  • Engages parents in their class and encourages involvement in all aspects of College life
  • Promotes College events as identified by  College Connect and the CMT
  • Offers support and friendship wherever a need is identified.


Member of the College Connect

  • Have a heart for the College
  • Work in collaboration with the College to see positive outcomes for all Students
  • Attend  College Connect Meetings
  • Contributes skills and gifts to College Connect for the improvement of the College
  • Build relationships with other parents in the College.