Ongoing research has identified learning a musical instrument as one of the best brain development activities as it uses the whole brain and strengthens the connections between the two halves. Studies have also indicated that it can help a child to develop spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and academically at a faster rate as well as enhancing:

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  • Coordination
  • Concentration and memory
  • Creativity
  • Aural skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Literacy skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-discipline
College Prospectus and Fees

College Prospectus and Fees

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Music Lessons

The Brisbane Christian College Instrumental Music Program offers tuition to students in Years 1 to 12 for piano, strings and percussion; Years 2 to 12 for guitar and voice; and Years 3 to 12 for brass and woodwind depending on the instrument and size of the student. Students in younger year levels are considered on an individual basis.

Students enrol in Music Lessons by completing an online form via the TASS Parent Lounge by accepting the activity called ‘Music Lessons’ under Activities and Excursions. Please ensure you complete the Google Form attached to the invitation, as well as a separate form for each student and each instrument to be learnt.

Students can enrol for a range of lesson types to suit age, experience and budget:

Individual 30 minute Lesson  ($34.00/lesson) – This is the standard lesson length for students learning a musical instrument. It allows sufficient time for a variety of concepts and pieces to be learnt. If your child has been learning for more than two years, this is the recommended choice.

Individual 20 minute Lesson ($23.50/lesson) – These lessons are ideal for students who are ready or would prefer an individual lesson where the standard thirty minute lesson is too long (younger students or those with attention difficulties) or for whom the higher cost is prohibitive.

Paired Lesson ($18.00/lesson) These are available for beginner students of orchestral strings and brass/woodwind, where a suitable partner of similar age and standard can be arranged. If this is not possible the student may be able to have an individual fifteen minute lesson; however, in this instance we would recommend considering the twenty minute individual instead.

Group lessonThese are only available for beginner orchestral strings and brass/woodwind students in the first year of learning and generally as part of the ‘Give It a Go’ program. The Give It A Go (GIAG) Program is offered to students in Years 1 to 3 to learn violin or cello, and in Years 4 to 6 to learn a brass/woodwind instrument or percussion. These group lessons are the ideal way for students to try an instrument.

Instrument Hire:

Brisbane Christian College has a limited number of string, woodwind and brass instruments for hire, mainly for students just starting on an instrument. The cost of hiring an instrument through the College ranges from $20 to $50 per term depending on the instrument. 

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Ensembles and Opportunities

Students can participate in a range of musical ensembles and activities with an emphasis on participation, commitment and service. At Brisbane Christian College ensembles are flexible with standard groups running every year and additional groups created to meet students’ needs. Some ensembles encourage flexible membership between the campuses so that students can be placed according to ability and stage of musical development rather than age.

Standard Ensembles Include:

  • Junior, Intermediate and Senior String Ensembles
  • Concert Band
  • Junior Choir
  • Performance Choir (Upper Primary)
  • Middle and Secondary Choir
  • Chapel Band
  • A Cappella Choir
  • Multicultural Choir
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Additional Ensembles may include:

  • Jazz Band
  • Beginner Band
  • Recorder Group
  • Show Choir
  • String Quartet

Opportunities for performance for individuals and ensembles include:

  • Showcase Concert
  • Instrumental Music Concert
  • Fringe Week
  • SpringFest (College Fair)
  • Open Mornings
  • Chapels and Assemblies
  • Community visits
  • Competitions and Eisteddfods