From our Middle School Staff

Year 6 Indigenous Art

A teachers perspective

Middle schooling is a place where children are growing, exploring and learning to define who they are and how they fit. It is a time in children’s lives when they are changing physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. As a middle school teacher, I have the privilege of being able to meet my class where they are at and explore who they are, what they are good at and how we can tap into their unrealised potential to see them soar in ways they never have before.

I love that my job is not just about teaching the mind of the children in front of me, but I also get to share my spiritual understanding and experiences, in hope that they will catch the Holy Spirit desire and passion that lives within me. I love that middle school, especially grade 6, is all about asking the questions and exploring together.

During my pre-service time here at the College, I saw the passion that the teachers had for teaching and for growing the children in their care to have a deep spiritual understanding, and it was something that I had to be a part of. As I have spent more time in this environment, and made lasting connections with the other teachers and staff, I have been hooked in by the purposeful and meaningful relationships – of people who care for not only my teaching, but my personal wellbeing and walk with God. It has made me a better teacher and a better person. I am inspired by my leadership to be constantly reflecting, evaluating and adapting my pedagogy and my thinking. This pushes me to always be improving and looking for new and innovative ways of doing things.

Looking into the future, I hope to begin to use students’ passion and understanding of technologies to connect and engage my students in a deeper and more meaningful way. I want to make learning experiences that engage their mind and their creativity to challenge their precepts and concepts. Teaching in middle school for me, is about using my passions and loves to inspire the children within my class to grow and use their own talents and passions to become all that God has for them. This is middle schooling.

Shannon Alexander