Senior School

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Brisbane Christian College offers a wide range of subjects in the Senior years including compulsory subjects such as Mathematics and English and electives including Sciences, Technology, Physical Education and The Arts. These subjects provide students with the opportunity to develop their skills, enjoy their areas of interest and establish a solid basis for learning at university and in the workplace.

Year 10 is the stepping stone from Middle School to Senior School and creates a basis for the students’ senior years. Year 11 prepares the students for their final year and creates a positive pattern for study, learning, assessment and leadership. By Year 12 students have developed constructive skills that equip them to handle the workload of their final year.

The Core Skills Test starts with a practice session in Year 11. Once in Year 12, students spend once a week building the skills needed to complete the Core Skills Test with confidence and success.

Brisbane Christian College has built numerous traditions over the years and some of these include Changing of the Ties Ceremony, Senior Rememberings Evening, Teacher/Student Morning Teas, Senior Art and a Biology Camp along with many more memorable events.

Every part of the Brisbane Christian College curriculum encompasses the Christian values that form the culture of the College. Brisbane Christian College is not only equipping students for success in school, but more importantly, success in life.

Pathway of Excellence

Brisbane Christian College’s Year 11 and 12 students will benefit from the College’s revolutionary Pathway of Excellence program. The two Pathway of Excellence alternatives offer Year 11 and 12 students the choice of achieving a Queensland Certificate of Education through unique academic or vocational avenues.

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