How to Choose the Best Private School in Brisbane

Brisbane Christian College Students at one of our Private Schools Brisbane campuses

How to Choose the Best School for Your Child

Choosing the right private school can impact the direction your children take in life. One of the more critical stages in their education is the middle school years. Middle school is considered to be a time of transition, wherein your kids say goodbye to the generally comforting environment of primary school and say hello to the realities of middle school.

This progression not only affects their academic record, giving your kids the opportunity to do well in senior school and eventually get into a top university. But it also influences how they inevitably develop their attitudes toward education. Choosing one of the private schools Brisbane has to offer is clearly a significant task — one requiring considerable thought and a process that helps you make the right decision.

Most private middle schools will offer up tours to parents or have open days for families. Try taking those tours and going to open days with your children so that they have some idea of where they might be studying for Year 7 to 12. Visit the classrooms. Pay attention to the facilities. Discover what current students are being given in terms of projects and assignments.

You’ll also want to speak with teachers and administrators. Find out if they are friendly and supportive. An approachable and encouraging teaching staff can spell the difference between an engaged student and a disinterested one.

The next step is to look deeper, to find out what the middle school will offer with its curriculum. What subjects will your kids be taught? Are these subjects going to develop their critical thinking skills? Will they be challenged further, with their existing talents and skills? More importantly, will the subjects prepare your kids for the senior school curriculum?

Once you’ve given the curriculum a thorough look, consider the methods of teaching. The best curriculum in the world will be for nothing if it is not complemented and delivered with innovative teaching. This is when your child’s learning experiences have the potential to enrich them, when they develop better study habits and a deep sense of commitment to education. These traits can go a long way toward helping your children get into a rewarding career one day.

Lastly, consider the extra-curricular activities your children will be doing. It would be ideal to choose a private school that offers diversity with its activities and programs that encourage greater family bonds so that your children will be the well-rounded individuals you envision them to be.