Your Joy for Teaching Shines Through

Dear Mrs Harris,

I know the year isn’t  done yet but I wanted to get this out before time got away from me …

I’d  like to start first off by saying what an amazing lady you are. Your joy for teaching shines through and your passion for the children in your class is palpable. My son has been very blessed to attend Brisbane Christian College but more than that he has been very blessed to have you as his Year 1 teacher. I am very grateful for your love towards him in all situations even when he is chatty or ‘enthusiastic’.

I appreciate your understanding when I have come in to talk through a situation, your professionalism and kindness make you very easy to approach. This year you have taken my son from strength to strength.  You have helped shape and mold my little boy. Thank you for your godly input into my son’s  life.  As a parent there is no greater burden than to ensure good wholesome role models who will put their life on show and be transparent for my child. You have shown my son your life and your love for your family and husband.

You opened your personal love for Jesus to be an example for my son … and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you also for being a support for me throughout the year. You took the time out to ask me how I was at all the right times. Your support and love during my difficult times is forever appreciated.

So, from the bottom of my heart I just want to thank you for the amazing work you do everyday.  I pray that you have an awesome (well deserved) Christmas break ready to come back in 2015 to impact more little lives.

Be blessed,

Year 4 Parent