Keeping COVID Safe

Help us Stop the Spread

We’re Responding to Keep You Safe

As the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis has been unfolding in front of us all, our College leadership have been strategising and praying to make sure we do everything we can to protect the public health of our state, and facilitate the operations of our College.

We believe that, especially in times of need, we need to be surrounded by a faith-filled, Christ-centred community. We want to respond to all government advice, and ensure the utmost safety of all of us, whilst maintaining the ongoing opportunities we provide our young people.

Events at Brisbane Christian College

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to change across the state, our College Management Team continues to make decisions in alignment with Queensland Health advice and operating guidelines for school as well as relevant Industry COVID-safe plans.

Health and Safety Conditions for Adults attending a College Event

We are doing everything required by the QLD State Government to safely operate College gatherings at this time. If you plan to attend a Brisbane Christian College event you will be required to sign into the Check in QLD Mobile App and acknowledge that all reasonable precautions will be taken by you as per Queensland Health guidelines. This includes social distancing and hygiene measures. Some events may be ticketed and require you to pre-register.

This also includes only attending a service if you and your household are in good health. Should you fall unwell before the event, you must not attend.  You can cancel your reservations via your event confirmation email or by contacting the College.

Registration Process & Check In

There may be restrictions on the maximum number of people that can be in our facilities at one time, we have put a check-in process in place for our events. There may be restrictions on the number of people we can host in our facilities at one time and a requirement to check-in for events.

Hand Sanitiser & COVID-Safe Signage

You will have seen that we have a supply of hand sanitisers throughout our site as well as signage to encourage everyone to practice safe gathering and appropriate physical distancing.

Cleaning Processes

We have taken extra measures in our cleaning processes prior to, during and post-event so that we have a COVID-safe environment for people to gather together and support our children. Cleaning protocols include:

  • Regular common surface disinfection
  • Disinfection of high-touch points and common use equipment between activities. This includes but not limited to door handles, benchtops, desks, desktop equipment and shared equipment.
  • Regular cleaning of bathroom amenities used for personal sanitisation

Physical Distancing

Physical distancing (or social distancing) is a measure to be used to limit the transmission of COVID-19 and similar illness by reducing exposure between people. The more distance between people and others, the harder it is for viruses to spread. The basic principles of physical distancing are to maintain as much as practical:

  • 1.5 m distance between people when gathering
  • Avoid physical greetings

Refusing Entry

Everyone has an obligation to stay at home while displaying any symptoms such as fever or coughing. To keep everyone on campus safe, the College has the right and obligation to refuse entry to adults with these symptoms. The College will contact families to collect children who are displaying these symptoms throughout the school day.