Building Together Fund

The ‘Building Together’ Fund is our ongoing, full-school fundraising campaign that contributes to the long-term impact and development of Brisbane Christian College, providing our children and the generations to come with spaces to learn, create and ‘Aspire to excellence’. All donations assist in the acquisition, construction and/or maintenance of our school buildings on our three campuses, and allow us to complete projects efficiently, providing access to new and/or upgraded facilities in a timely manner.

Upcoming Projects

Brisbane Christian College is so excited to see the completion of these projects and the blessing they will be to our children and the community for generations to come! We are committed to providing our children with spaces to learn, create and ‘Aspire to excellence’ across our three campuses.
We would like to extend a personal invitation to you to partner with us as we continue to invest in the long-term impact and development of Brisbane Christian College through the ‘Building Together’ Fund
through projects like these by making a tax-deductible donation now!

The College ‘Building Together’ fund is an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) approved deductible gift recipient (DGR) endorsed fund. As per guidelines of the fund, any donations will be used towards the acquisition, construction or maintenance of school buildings only.

Completed Projects

Gaga Ball Pit

Middle and Secondary: Middle School Gaga Ball Pit

Newly renovated EALD rooms

Pre-Prep New Playground Mural

Entrance Signage

Pre-Prep New Classroom and Playground

New Primary Campus Bin Enclosure

Primary Campus Bin Enclosure

Entrance Signage

Sport/Traffic Safety Curtains

New Tennis Court

Music Breakout Room

Newly renovated EALD rooms

Middle and Secondary Staff Toilet Renovations

Entrance Signage

Middle and Secondary Theatre Acoustic Treatment

New Tennis Court

Primary Library and Brydges Building Shading

New Tennis Court

New Synthetic Turf on Middle and Secondary Tennis Courts

Newly renovated EALD rooms

Middle and Secondary Renovated EALD Rooms

Entrance Signage

Middle and Secondary Entrance and Drive Through Signage

Black storage room

Primary Campus Storage

Wide blue and orange playground

Primary Campus Brydges Playground

Three newly renovated modern roof on the rear plaza

Primary Campus Rear Plaza Renovation

Beautiful green outdoor landscape

Middle and Secondary Landscaping and Turf Upgrade

White fences outside the rooms

Senior Secondary Precinct Project

Construction in front of Middle and Secondary School rooms

Middle and Secondary Energy Efficiency Project

Newly built roof on the school grounds as shade for the Primary students

Primary Shade Sail Project

White wide roof in between the two Primary buildings

Primary Courtyard Roof Project

Installed solar panels at one of the Primary room roof

Primary Energy Efficiency Project

Primary students reading at the library wearing their School houses uniforms

Primary Resource Centre Relocation and Renovation

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