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middle school at brisbane christian college

Middle School at Brisbane Christian College is a time of discovery and making choices in a supportive and challenging environment. Students are supported through the College House system; allowing them to journey alongside their peers and also be individually nurtured.

The dynamic Middle School curriculum challenges students to achieve their best through the application of their God-given talents. Students are given the opportunity to explore a range of elective subjects as they move confidently from a single teacher and classroom to many in preparation for the Secondary School learning environment.

Many co-curricular opportunities are available for participation and of particular note is the Outdoor Education program. Students can apply their class knowledge and understanding to hands on experiences in our National Capital, Canberra, and participate in Outback Queensland life at Longreach.

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Middle School  students alternate all the elective subject available to students in Years 9-10. They will get to take each subject for a semester so that they can get a feel for the subjects they may like select for Year 9.


Christian Studies

Christian Studies in the Secondary School builds on the foundations taught in the primary years and is reflected in our school Mission Statement.  The Bible is presented as God’s word revealed to us and written to teach us God’s truth and to express God’s love for us.



English is used by most Australians to communicate with others in our culturally diverse communities. As a major international language it has power to influence in the world context. Proficiency in English for all Australians enables them to share in and contribute to current and future local, national and global communities and cultures.



Mathematics is an integral part of a general education. At Brisbane Christian College the coursework is aligned with the National Curriculum and classes are streamed to allow students the best opportunity to achieve success within this subject.



“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” — Michelangelo

The choice of Art as an elective will encourage your student to express themselves creatively and develop confidence in their own ideas.



Junior Science is a core subject to Year 10.  It has relevance to all students because it deals directly with God’s creation, the world around us.  There are five key areas that the Christian must face in studying about our world.


Business and Technology

Business and Technology is designed to give students an introduction into different aspects of the business world. Through the study of this subject, the dual role of citizens as consumers and participants in the business world will be emphasised.



Junior Drama at Brisbane Christian College is designed to develop the abilities and skill base of students who are interested and talented in this area.


Physical Education

Good health, fitness, sport and physical activity have become important elements in the Australian way of life.  Therefore, upon leaving school it has become essential for young people to have participated in and considered their health and physical education.


Justice and Criminology

Justice and Criminology is a highly interactive subject and students engage in wide ranging discussion of legal issues and topics. Students learn to articulate and justify an opinion with clarity in both written and spoken form. Students use their knowledge about the complex interactions between people and the legal system, to investigate social, political, economic, environmental and cultural ideas and issues.



There are many social, aesthetic and psychological benefits associated with the study of music.  As well as developing creativity, self-expression and artistic growth, studies show that it improves language and mathematical abilities, listening, memory and analytical skills. Music may also foster self-discipline, concentration and fine-motor skills. Read more …



A philosopher once said that “to be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child”. History is about change. It looks at peoples over times past and present in different societies, noticing and explaining their attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviours, and interpreting their reactions to the various pressures, conditions and events that induce change.



Geography is the exploration of the earth and its peoples. It integrates the study of the Earth’s places, peoples, societies and environments and the relationships between them using inquiry.


Introduction to Industry

The course is designed for students in year 9 and 10 who are looking at moving into the Pathway of Excellence – Apprenticeships program in Years 11 and 12. POE-A is designed to give students who are not seeking entry into university a chance to do a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship while studying at the College.



To remain open to continuous learning should be the prime mover of student academic activity. Latin is presently a component of an Extension Programme formulated to promote higher learning in students with intellectual gifts and a scholarly attitude.

2017 Middle School Update

It is our great pleasure to share with you exciting news about our Middle School learning program as of 2016. Specialist areas are reflective of the Australian Curriculum and are indicative of the need for breadth of learning in young adolescence development. These compliment the core curriculum of English, HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences), Mathematics and Science. In 2017 a number of new learning areas will be introduced to create richer and deeper experiences for each individual child.

Alongside this initiative is the important introduction of Years 6 and 7 Core Teachers. 2017 will also see the growth of the Noble Laureate, a Middle School Prize awarded to those who have undertaken and successfully completed a project involving critical thinking and report writing in the areas of Science, The Arts, Social Awareness or World Peace.

Above and Beyond will also be introduced, a program aimed at challenging and enhancing our children’s experiences. Through self-identified ‘service-projects’ children will be able to experiment and extend themselves in meaningful and unique ways expressing their passions and interests. Children are encouraged to consider the contributions that they can make and to take action in the service of others.

Our Middle School learning environment is one where academic rigour, creativity, curiosity, critical thinking and risk taking are practised. The academic and co-curricular programs equip students with the skills to learn: to be an active listener, to develop excellent communication skills and to formulate opinions and attitudes based upon balanced enquiry. Children acquire knowledge and skills across a broad range of learning areas to enhance choice and experience subjects that cater for a range of thinking skills and learning styles.

2017 Specialist Learning Areas (new)

Year 6

Chinese (Mandarin)

Chinese (Mandarin)

Computer Science

Computer Science



Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond (Enrichment Learning)

Year 7 and 8

Chinese (Mandarin)

Chinese (Mandarin)

Computer Science

Computer Science


Latin (Literacy Foundations)



Above and Beyond

Noble Laureate (Enrichment Learning)