Primary School

Prep to Year 5

God has created us in His image and it is our desire as a College to encourage our children to be all that God has called them to be, using their unique, individual gifts and talents. We want every child to be known by name and supported in their educational journey. We desire to work together and build relationships between families, staff and students, to support our students to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, to make positive choices and to help them see that they can make a difference in the world.

Our learning programs consider that students have a variety of learning styles and the classroom environment encourages students to enjoy their learning and develop personal, achievable goals. A strong commitment to the development of essential literacy and numeracy skills allows students to grow in knowledge and understanding through the authentic learning opportunities they are presented with every day.

Children can grow in confidence knowing that they are being nurtured by the same teaching team for a two year rotation. This enables our teachers to develop strong relationships with our families offering stability and momentum in their academic and social development. Our two rotations continue Prep to Year 7.

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All students from Year 1 to Year 5 engage in learning in alignment with the Australian Curriculum. They are provided with the opportunities to learn about God’s amazing creation and how He loves them unconditionally during their study of Mathematics, English, Integrated Studies, Christian Living, Health and Physical Education, Music, and Chinese.


RoleM (Representations, Oral Language and Engagement in Mathematics) is a hands-on Mathematics program that underpins the teaching and learning of our Mathematics curriculum. In alignment with the Australian curriculum, the use of group rotations, collaborative learning, kinaesthetic activities, and fundamental mathematical concepts allows our children to build confidence and core knowledge in the development of their mathematical ability.

Christian Living

As part of a ministry of Life Church, our mission is to provide students with the knowledge of who they are in Christ, who He is to them and how they can become more like Him in their interactions with others. Our Christian living consists of morning devotions, praise and worship, and prayer, as well as weekly Christian studies lessons, Chapel services, and regular lesson from our onsite school chaplain.

Integrated Studies

In our Years 1-5 classes, our boys and girls are provided with a rigorous academic curriculum focused on Christ-centred integrated studies units. The core subjects of our Integrated Studies program are Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Science, Technologies, and The Arts. Integrated Studies include a balance of explicit teaching, hands-on learning, and project and inquiry-based learning to develop knowledge and understanding which challenges our students to explore God’s amazing creation, reflect on the interdependent nature of the world and explore their own God-given gifts, talents, and identity within Australia’s heritage and culturally diverse landscapes. Our learners are immersed in opportunities to develop effective critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Health and Physical Education

Primary School is a brilliant opportunity to learn a variety of new sports, have fun and build a healthy and active lifestyle. We offer a full term of Gymnastics for Prep to Year 5 in Term 1, supported by fully qualified gymnastics coaches. We focus on developing key physical fitness skills like balance, coordination, and endurance. We offer high-quality Physical Education lessons through our College Focus Sports; basketball, football (soccer), tennis, AFL, touch football & athletics. We hold 3 major sporting carnivals for our Primary ages, Swimming (Year 3, 4 & 5), Athletics (P-5), and Cross Country (P-5). Our best swimmers, athletes, and runners can be selected to represent our College at events throughout the year as well. Our Year 5 students also have the opportunity to be selected and compete in the Sunnybank District Gala Day program for our priority sports. On the Primary Campus, our hope is that our students will find a sport they love and continue to participate in that for life.


We have two phonics-based programs that help with the embedding of foundations within our literacy curriculum. The Literacy Collective (TLC) starts in Prep and continues to progress throughout Years 1 and 2 in providing our students with fundamental literacy skills which build their confidence and abilities in the areas of reading and writing. The continuation of phonological awareness continues from Years 3 to 5 with the use of Alpha to Omega. This program allows students to consolidate their phonics skills and strongly supports the growth of our students’ reading and spelling skills. Each child’s knowledge of phonics is quickly identified which then enables the correct starting point in the program to ensure that there are no gaps in each child’s phonics understanding. This in turn supports our students increase their writing and reading confidence and abilities.

Building on the phonological skills gained in the use of TLC and Alpha to Omega, we also use decodable readers to start the journey of reading and enhance their confidence in this area by teaching reading strategies, providing regular home readers, and beginning class novel reading in Year 4. Students are provided with opportunities to develop their writing ability with the use of the 6 traits of writing and explicit teaching on how to use literary devices to bring life to and enhance their writing. The confidence gained in the use of these research-based literacy programs allows students to become confident readers and writers who are able to learn about and impact their world.

Clubs & Extra-Curricular

Students singing on the stage wearing cowboy dresses

Primary Musical

The Primary Musical is held on a yearly basis and involves all children from Pre-Prep to Year 5. Each child has the opportunity to perform as a part of a choir or if they would like they can audition for solo singing and/ or acting parts. The musical is one of the biggest and most exciting events in the Primary calendar and always has a Christian theme that children and families can learn from.

Primary doing assignment outside the classroom

Spanish Club

We partner with IEP Spanish Ministry to bring Spanish lessons to our students. The program allows students to learn conversational Spanish, while playing games, learning crafts and singing songs. It is held at our Primary Campus and usually runs for seven weeks out of each term.

Chess Board

Chess Club

We partner with Chess Mates to provide fun Chess lessons for children. Weekly lessons help students improve creativity, memory, concentration, planning skills, problem solving and teamwork.

Tennis Club Team at the tennis court

Tennis Lessons

We partner with Z Tennis to provide holiday tennis clinics as well as after school lessons on our Middle and Secondary Campus. This is a great opportunity for students to further their tennis skills and learn new ones.

Football team practicing at the football field

Football Academy

We partner with Aspire Football Academy Football (Soccer) Academy which is a training squad that has been designed to empower and release students into their potential. Through their commitment to the program, students develop respect for others and themselves, dynamic relationships, a commitment to excellence and in turn, honour towards Christ.

Young female basketball players holding a basketball

Big Shots Rookies and Ballers

The Brisbane Bullets Big Shots Basketball program is about children having fun, while learning the experience of basketball by playing a series of games. Rookies and Ballers are for boys and girls of any ability between the ages of 8 and 12 years.

Female student showing her violin skills at the Instrumental Concert

Instrumental Music Program

Students have a range of opportunities to become involved in music ensembles and choirs at various levels, including ensembles, a concert band and various choirs through our co-curricular music program.

Female student showing her violin skills at the Instrumental Concert

Speak Up Classes

Speak Up helps students to build confidence in speech and drama for students of all ages. The highly trained staff provide a safe environment for our students to develop tone, voice, clarity and other skills in speaking and acting.

Female student showing her violin skills at the Instrumental Concert

Young Engineers STEM

Young Engineers offers unique STEM programs where children have fun while learning critical skills for the digital age. We aim to ignite a student’s passion for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) using LEGO. Weekly sessions demonstrate scientific concepts. Prep-Yr2: Bricks Challenge (Complex motorised machines, motors and batteries) Yr3-5: Robotics & amp; Electronics.

Female student showing her violin skills at the Instrumental Concert

Character and Spiritual Development

At Brisbane Christian College, we appreciate the opportunity to work with parents to build the character of all children and encourage good behaviour choices. We have a number of programs and support teams to support children in their character and spiritual development including chaplains, counsellors and leading conflict resolution programs.


The primary purpose of our Camping Program is to create opportunities for children to develop strong positive characteristics that will enable them to succeed in any area of life. From our Stay Lates all the way to Senior camps we have developed a progression that layers students’ capacity and understanding of their own character.

Years 1 & 2

Year 1 & 2 students stay back after school, participate in group activities and share a meal as a cohort and with the Year 5 leaders. These evenings focus on building resilience and independence.

Year 3

Year 3 students participate in a sleepover on the Primary Campus. With similarities to previous Stay Lates, there is an increase in time away from home as well as activities that are more challenging and team-focused. We delve into the concept of our Comfort Zones.

Year 4

Year 4 participate in a Term 1 beach camp. For our first off-site experience, our students are in a very new situation with 3 days and 2 nights away, sleeping in cabins, working to serve and clean after meals, and tidying the campsite. This camp helps our students to develop strong relationships early in the year, we introduce leadership themes and enrich resilience and independence concepts with more challenging activities and sessions for reflection and devotions.

Year 5

Year 5 camp is designed to set them up for future College Camps and allow students to consolidate some of their previous ideas. We take the cohort to Numinbah Valley where students sleep in tents that they set up and work together to cook and prepare some of their own meals. This camp goes over an extra night and has more opportunities to collaborate and build on responsibility and leadership themes. This is the pinnacle for Primary camps and is always a standout in the great memories students and teachers make in their final year on the Primary Campus.

I love Brisbane Christian College because…


… the teachers motivate you to do your best and give it a go.


… my friends are fun and exciting. It’s such a joy to have people who like me and want to play with me.  Brisbane Christian College is the best school I’ve ever been to.


… it helps me grow with faith and I can learn Maths, Sport and English.


‘… I have such nice friends and I love it because they share with us the gospel of God.’


… all the teachers are great, positive and nice. It is a Christian school where we learn fun stuff and pray to God and Jesus.


… I get to learn about God, spend time with friends and learn how to solve conflicts.


… it has inspiring teachers, great students and because you know you are in a safe environment.

Getting Here

Door-to-door bus service

We offer a door-to-door bus service each morning and afternoon at an additional cost for students from Primary to Secondary School.

Public Transport & Free Shuttle Bus

The Middle and Secondary Campus is located across the road from Salisbury train station and the Primary Campus is located close to the Orange Grove Road bus stop. To see if public transport could be an option for your child please use the journey planner on the Translink website. Brisbane Christian College runs a free shuttle bus daily from the Middle and Secondary Campus to the Primary Campus.

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