Pre–Prep (Kindy)

Our Kindergarten program offers children the chance to experience the joy of childhood while gaining skills that will build confidence, assist them in their overall development, and encourage them to grow and thrive. We promote learning through play, as well as through planned activities and interactions.

Cute female student putting on a thumbs up while smiling
Two young girls wearing Prep uniform with outdoor hats


We desire to help our students develop their highest possible academic potential as well as discover and fully develop their God-given gifts, guiding them to take significant steps into the destiny God has prepared for them.

Primary School

Our learning programs consider that students have a variety of learning styles and the classroom environment encourages students to enjoy their learning and develop personal, achievable goals.

Two boys enjoying each others company
Four female Middle Schooler at the school hallway

Middle School

The dynamic Middle School curriculum challenges students to achieve their best through the application of their God-given talents. Students are given the opportunity to explore a range of elective subjects as they move confidently from a single teacher and classroom to many in preparation for the Secondary School learning environment.

Secondary School

At Brisbane Christian College, we recognise the need to provide suitable pathways for all students throughout their Senior Phase of Learning. In Years 9-10, our goal is to help children further discover what they are passionate about and to prepare them for their final schooling years.

Secondary students gathered together at the park

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