About Brisbane Christian College

Brisbane Christian College is an intimate private school based in Salisbury, Brisbane. We pride ourselves on our individual approach and the care taken to ensure that each child is encouraged and mentored to use their gifts and talents to their full potential.

Our goal is to develop the whole individual and provide opportunities for students to grow and expand their horizons – in a caring atmosphere where staff guide and develop students’ thinking and behaviour.

Congratulations graduating class of 2018!

Brisbane Christian College is proud of the Class of 2018 on their Year 12 results with 17.2% of all eligible students achieving an OP 1 or 2!
. 100% success in tertiary education placements . All Pathways of excellence students on placement/employment
. Congratulations to Kahrie, Jason, Shienne, Esther and Kristen for receiving an OP 1 or 2!

Well Done 2017 Graduates!

· Every subject passed · 100% obtained QCE · 90% of apprentices received full time apprenticeship for 2018 · 26% of our Academic Pathway graduates received OP 1-5 · 80% received University offers
· Congratulations to Carlos and Rishel for receiving OP 1 and 2!