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Sean Morrison


Brisbane Christian College has a long and successful tradition in developing graduates with self-discipline, a zest for life and a strong moral compass.

Brisbane Christian College is a wonderfully diverse community with a range of cultures, Christian denominations and other faith backgrounds represented. Our families select Brisbane Christian College because of our holistic, student-focused approach to learning, strong family values, nurturing environment and the outstanding behaviour of our students.

Jesus is the reason for our College. He is the driving force in our staff members’ lives and gives a clear sense of calling to each staff member to be within our community. Brisbane Christian College’s nurturing staff work in close partnership with parents and caregivers to ensure that students reach their spiritual, academic, emotional and physical potential.

In an era when many schools are large and can appear impersonal, Brisbane Christian College is small enough for students to be known by name, yet large enough to provide high-tech facilities and robust academic and co-curricular programs.

The result is a tight-knit community in which our students thrive academically, psycho-socially and spiritually, secure in the knowledge of God’s love.

As the leader of Brisbane Christian College, I look forward to working collaboratively with you as your child flourishes within our community.

Richest blessings,
Mr Sean G Morrison

Deputy Principle Ross Eggins

Ross Eggins

Deputy Principal

The Middle and Secondary team have a pastoral framework that ensures each child is cared for. Our Heads of Year, working closely with our Heads of House, bolster learning by ensuring that all teaching practices are constantly being improved. There is a burgeoning culture of peer mentoring and support and staff use available data to ensure children are studying subjects that both challenge them and suit their capacity. There is constant collaboration in planning and teaching across all subjects. We continue to strengthen associations with other learning institutions and industries outside of our College, to provide broader curriculum choices for our children. These include both Universities and Registered Training Organisations.


Nathan Cox

Head of Secondary School

Secondary School at Brisbane Christian College builds upon the knowledge, understandings and skills that are developed and nurtured through our Primary and Middle School year levels.
At Brisbane Christian College, we recognise the need to provide suitable pathways for all children throughout the Senior Phase of Learning. To that end we offer two Pathways of Excellence, one Academic and one Apprenticeship. Your child remains the focal point in all that we do and our aim is to provide each child with many options to meet their individual education goals.

Our curriculum is designed with a strong academic focus to meet the needs of graduates considering further studies following Year 12. Our flexible timetabling allows children to complete a range of qualifications whilst remaining at Brisbane College; from Apprenticeship programs, Certificate courses through to University subjects.

Our Pathways of Excellence programs aim to produce young men and women of excellence in whatever career path they choose. Since 2013, our teaching staff are proud to have guided all graduates to successfully pass every Senior Subject. In 2016, 70% of Pathways of Excellence: Apprenticeship graduates, graduated with a confirmed School-based Apprenticeship or Traineeship. 100% of Pathway of Excellence: Academic graduates who applied for University admission received offers of placement.
Our commitment is to the individual child, not to our programmes. In partnership with Christ, our children and parents, we work to develop the whole child, transitioning them from adolescence to adulthood and preparing them to make an impact in our world.


Jenny Huntington

Head of Middle School

In Middle School, we are passionate about igniting in children a desire to learn and reach their full potential in a nurturing environment. We believe children need to be encouraged to find and develop their strengths and God-given abilities while at the same time being allowed to make mistakes to be equipped to deal with challenges that come their way. Our staff team are dedicated to helping children along this journey academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. 

Middle School could be described as a bridge from Primary School and into Secondary School. Children at this age, have specific needs and ways of learning. This shapes how we teach to create high levels of engagement and to harness the potential and curiosity in students that allows them both to learn and develop. Our curriculum and approaches to teaching are relevant to the life of our students and are based on strong teacher-student relationships along this three-year learning journey. This in turn prepares them for the next step into Secondary. 

The Brisbane Christian College Middle School curriculum incorporates:

  • Differentiated and practical instruction
  • Hands-on learning
  • Relevant and engaging curriculum
  • Strong teacher-student relationships fostered by two-year rotations with the same teacher in years 6 and 7

Additionally, this is an age group that are often questioning their purpose, identity, self-worth and friendships. To support and disciple students through this season, we have a strong focus on pastoral care with our teachers, chaplains and College pastor and Bridge Builders program. Students are empowered with life-long skills in their social and emotional health.


Matthew Nicholson

Head of Primary School

The Primary School curriculum has been guided by the College’s strong belief in providing a focused, practical and seamless curriculum, which is relevant to the children of our College, and which is based on current educational research and philosophy.

The Primary School curriculum incorporates the elements of the Australian Curriculum. Essential skills in literacy, numeracy, information and communication technology (ICT), thinking, creativity, teamwork and communication are integral to the Australian Curriculum and fit well with the Brisbane Christian College approach.

Similarly, it describes individuals who can manage their own wellbeing, relate well to others, make informed decisions about their lives, become citizens who behave with ethical integrity, relate to and communicate across cultures, work for the common good and act with responsibility at local, regional and global levels. These all relate well within the Christian ethos of the College.

Education at Brisbane Christian College acknowledges that learning is both developmental and socially constructed and provides for the child’s spiritual, physical, social, emotional, intellectual and cultural development. Each student is recognised as an observant, capable and productive individual with skills, abilities and a sense of wonder about the world around them.

Our learning programs consider that students have a variety of learning styles and the classroom environment encourages students to enjoy their learning and develop personal, achievable goals. A strong commitment to the development of essential literacy and numeracy skills allows students to grow in knowledge and understanding through the authentic learning opportunities they are presented with every day.

Head of Pre Prep Brisbane Christian College

Zilea Simpson

Head of Pre-Prep

At Brisbane Christian College Pre-Prep our vision for the children’s education is for them to experience learning in a Christian environment that is engaging and builds success for life.

We aim for them to experience the joy of childhood by promoting learning through play, as well as through emergent and planned learning and interactions. Play is an important learning instrument. It is intrinsically motivating, promotes learning and enables children to gain further skills that will assist their overall development.

We believe each child is a unique individual who is loved by God and that their special abilities, interests and cultural backgrounds should be the basis of our curriculum. We work with families to provide high quality education and care within a warm, caring, secure environment which promotes diversity and inclusion.
Our Kindergarten Approved Program offers an environment in which children can build confidence, broaden their skills and have fun whilst learning.

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