College Leadership

Principal Sean Morrison

A Word From Our Principal

Brisbane Christian College has a long and successful tradition in developing graduates with self-discipline, a zest for life and a strong moral compass.

Brisbane Christian College is a wonderfully diverse community with a range of cultures, Christian denominations and other faith backgrounds represented. Our families select Brisbane Christian College because of our holistic, student-focused approach to learning, strong family values, nurturing environment and the outstanding behaviour of our students.

Jesus is the reason for our College. He is the driving force in our staff members’ lives and gives a clear sense of calling to each staff member to be within our community. Brisbane Christian College’s nurturing staff work in close partnership with parents and caregivers to ensure that students reach their spiritual, academic, emotional and physical potential.

In an era when many schools are large and can appear impersonal, Brisbane Christian College is small enough for students to be known by name, yet large enough to provide robust academic and co-curricular programs.

The result is a tight-knit community in which our students thrive academically, psychosocial, and spiritually, secure in the knowledge of God’s love.

Richest blessings,
Mr Sean G Morrison

Mr Matthew Nicholson

Deputy Principal / Head of Campus (Primary)

My greatest desire is that our Primary School families feel connected to our community and that all children are loved, nurtured, and encouraged to be the best version of themselves. We are here to encourage your children to develop a deep and long-lasting relationship with Jesus.

My background in Christian education and international education has given me an understanding of various cultures and a heart for excellence in all areas of our lives. Brisbane Christian College is a school that welcomes and appreciates great communication with families. When we all bring our best, our community will continue to thrive.

Mrs Zilea Simpson

Head of Campus (Pre-Prep)

My heart for Brisbane Christian College Pre-Prep Centre is for children to experience learning in a Christian environment that is engaging and that builds success for life.

We believe each child is a unique individual who is loved by God and that their special abilities, interests, and cultural backgrounds should be the basis of our curriculum. We work with families to provide high-quality education and care within a warm, caring, secure environment which promotes diversity and inclusion.

Mr Brett Costin

Head of Campus (Middle and Secondary)

As the Head of Campus at Brisbane Christian College, I firmly believe that true education encompasses the development of character, social skills, and spiritual growth. I am privileged to work with teachers who understand the importance of nurturing the whole person, not just imparting knowledge.

My 30 years in Christian and international education have taught me that true education is walking alongside students, fostering their personal growth and helping them discover their unique purpose in the world. Together with our team, I embrace the responsibility of shaping compassionate, responsible, and resilient individuals who are equipped to make a positive impact in society while remaining attuned to God’s voice.

Mrs Jenny Huntington

Head of Middle School

I am passionate about igniting in children a desire to learn and reach their full potential in a nurturing environment. We believe children need to be encouraged to find and develop their strengths and God-given abilities while at the same time being allowed to make mistakes to be equipped to deal with challenges that come their way.

Middle School could be described as a bridge from Primary School into Secondary School and we are committed to creating high levels of engagement to harness the potential and curiosity in students that allows them both to learn and develop.

Mr Nathan Cox

Head of Secondary School

I have been teaching at Brisbane Christian College since 2002. Over the years I have seen the College grow from a small one-campus community to a thriving three-campus miracle where children thrive under Christian leadership. In partnership with Christ, our children, and parents, we work to develop the whole child, transitioning them from adolescence to adulthood and preparing them to make an impact in our world.

Pastor Dan Nott

College Pastor

My family has been connected with Brisbane Christian College since my oldest daughter started Pre-Prep back in 2014. As a parent, I am extremely grateful for the love and care that our children receive from the team here. Since joining Brisbane Christian College in 2016 in the role of College Pastor, God has enabled me and our Chaplaincy team to look at ways to create and maximize every opportunity for your children to begin and grow in their relationship with Jesus. We are passionate about journeying with your children to see the gold God has placed in their lives, whether through a Chapel service, Christian studies classes, School camps, or any number of our College events. We look forward to connecting with you in the near future.

Pastor Saskia Hill

Assistant College Pastor

As an alumni student of Brisbane Christian College, I was so encouraged by the team who invested in my life and personal relationship with Jesus. I feel so privileged to be able to journey with students and families within our College Community as the College Pastor and provide a listening ear, caring presence, and a message of hope.


Brisbane Christian College is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the leadership of Life Church. The College Board of Directors reviews College activity (such as enrolment trends, staffing, budgets and policy) with respect to strategic plans. The College Board is not involved in the day-to-day operation of the College: this is delegated to the College Principal who is responsible to lead all aspects of the College within guidelines set by the Board.

The College Board of Directors appoints a Finance Committee which monitors the financial performance of the College to make recommendations to the Board on matters such as the Annual Budget and fee levels. The accounts of Brisbane Christian College and Southside Christian Centre Property Ltd are audited annually.

College Leadership Team

The day-to-day operation of the College is outworked by the College Leadership Team, chaired by our College Principal.

Sean Morrison

Mr Sean

College Principal

Ross Eggins

Mr Matthew

Deputy Principal & Head of Campus (Primary)

John Abraham

Mr John

Business Manager

Matthew Nicholson

Mr Brett

Head of Campus (Middle & Secondary)

Zilea Simpson

Mrs Zilea

Head of Campus

Jamie Hill

Mr Scott

Head of Community and Strategic Development

Developing Character in our Children