Domestic Enrolment

Process of Enrolment

To ensure an accountable and equitable process of enrolling students at Brisbane Christian College is maintained,
the following process will be followed for all new Domestic applications:

Interested families are invited to book a campus tour and have an informal chat with the Head of Campus.
Using the online Application for Enrolment form, families submit their intention to partner with Brisbane Christian College in the education of their child. A non-refundable fee of $100 is paid per Domestic application (a non-refundable fee of $150 is paid per International application).
All requested documentation is to be submitted with the form for the application to progress. Please note professional reports for medical conditions and learning difficulties need to be as recent as possible. Reports older than two years will not be accepted.
The Head of Campus will assess the application in regard to the child’s attitude to learning, their behaviour, and respect of school staff and property.
All signatories on the application form and the child will attend an interview with the Head of School and Business Manager.
If all parties are in agreement, a Letter of Offer is given at the interview.
Your child’s enrolment is secured by signing the Letter of Offer and paying the Enrolment Deposit per family ($1000 for Prep; $250 for Pre-Prep and Years 1 to 12).
The Enrolment Deposit is paid into your child’s school fees account once they start school. $250 of the Enrolment Deposit is forfeited if your child does not start at the College, and for Prep children, the $750 portion of the enrolment deposit is only refundable if two terms’ notice is given.
Your child will be invited to an orientation program before the school year commences.
Please note that an application is a prerequisite to admission but not a guarantee of admission.

Application Forms

We consider it a privilege that you have chosen us as the preferred place of learning for your child.

To enrol your child in Pre-Prep to Year 12 at Brisbane Christian College, please complete the
Online Application Enrolment Form, ensuring that you attach the required documentation when requested. This paperwork is listed on the first page of the Applications for Enrolment.

Please also note that you will need to tick the ‘Standard Collection Notice’ box in order to commence the Application for Enrolment. Your email address will then be requested at the first step of the application so that a URL can be sent to you. This will allow you to continue the application at your convenience.

Applications for Pre-Prep positions are formalised by interview one semester prior to commencement.
Applications for Prep positions are formalised by interview three semesters prior to commencement.
Applications for Years 1-8 positions commencing in January for future years cannot be guaranteed due to children joining the College throughout the year before. Any vacancies for the following year will be offered to children on the waiting list during the last term before commencement.

It is advised that you apply for Pre-Prep and Prep positions two to three years in advance.

Have Questions?

Our enrolments team are here to answer any questions you may have.
Please feel free to contact the team on 07 3719 3102 or email we would love the chance to chat with you.

Getting Here

Door-to-door bus service

We offer a door-to-door bus service each morning and afternoon at an additional cost for students from Primary to Secondary School.

Public Transport & Free Shuttle Bus

The Middle and Secondary Campus is located across the road from Salisbury train station and the Primary Campus is located close to the Orange Grove Road bus stop. To see if public transport could be an option for your child please use the journey planner on the Translink website. Brisbane Christian College runs a free shuttle bus daily from the Middle and Secondary Campus to the Primary Campus.

We welcome students from overseas!