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SpLD (Dyslexia) Program

The Brisbane Christian College Dyslexia program is led by Mrs Kath Morrison. Kath offers a wealth of experience and holds a Masters Degree in Specific Learning Difficulties from Bangor University in Wales. As a College we are committed to supporting our students with Specific Learning Differences including Dyslexia.

Our students have the opportunity to participate in weekly specialist lessons with trained teachers based on the Bangor Dyslexia Teaching System and the Alpha to Omega Literacy Program. These programs provide a structured, systematic, cumulative and multi-sensory approach to literacy learning and development, which increases the student’s awareness of the phonemic structure of words and allows for the revision and consolidation of sounds and combinations of sounds. These skills are critical to ensuring our SpLD students experience every success throughout their schooling.

Aside from these specialist lessons, the College continues to implement dyslexic friendly procedures whilst further developing our relationships with external organizations and specialists.

As a College, we would strongly recommend families seeking a diagnosis of dyslexia do so through an educational psychologist, according to the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority guidelines. Our Enrichment and Learning Support department can assist parents with a list of educational psychologists who can undertake these assessments.

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College Prospectus and Fees

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Educational Consultant Jenny Tebbutt

Working with Dyslexia Consultant – Jenny Tebbutt

I met the team at Brisbane Christian College in July of 2013 when they sent a group of staff members to a professional seminar “Raising Achievement in At risk Students.” Further discussion resulted in the development of policy and practice and a commitment by the school to run whole school professional development upskilling teachers and raising capability as a school in meeting the needs of students requiring additional support. Both the College and the community have demonstrated passion and commitment to assist third wave learners and particularly families with dyslexia reach new heights holistically. The College has committed substantial funding to work with me as a consultant and an international dyslexia specialist over a period of two years and express a desire to become leaders in education affecting change in policy and practice and the quality of education currently provided by the sector for third wave learners. Teachers are committed to learning and applying differentiated teaching practices, working with learner preferences and adopting new best practice strategies to ensure equity in educational opportunity exists for all students. It is a pleasure to work with a school demonstrating such vision working towards the provision of consistent best practice across the school through investing in professional development of all staff.

Jenny Tebbutt

Educational Consultant ( View Jenny Tebbutt’s Profile)

Chinese (Mandarin)

Alpha to Omega phonics program

The Primary School is using the Alpha to Omega phonics program from Prep through to Year 6. This program provides our students with sequential and cumulative learning of the sounds that letters make individually and when grouped together. The Alpha to Omega phonics program strongly supports the growth of our students’ reading and spelling skills. Each child’s knowledge of phonics is quickly identified through the diagnostic test which then enables the correct starting point in the program to ensure that there are no gaps in each child’s phonics understanding. As a dyslexic friendly school this program gives excellent support for these children.



The Tutoring and Homework Supervision Program at Brisbane Christian College is designed for students who feel that an extra, focussed homework session will either enhance or improve their academic performance.

Tutoring and Homework Supervision is offered every Monday to Friday from 3.25pm until 4:25pm. Groups of up to four students will be tutored in English and Mathematics. (Special requests for other subject areas will be considered, depending on the number of students and availability of tutors.)

Tutoring is affordably priced at $25 per hour, and students will be requested to take advantage of this program by attending all four sessions per week (special arrangements can be made on request).

Homework supervision will be conducted at the same times, and will cost $12.50 per hour. Your child will be one of six to ten students in a group finishing work set during the day’s lessons, completing assessment tasks or studying for exams.

All tutors and homework supervisors are appropriately qualified and hold a Suitability for Working with Children (blue) card or Qld College of Teachers registration.

If you would like your child to participate in either the Tutoring program or Homework Supervision, please contact our office on 3719 3111 to register an expression of interest, and we will contact you immediately to arrange a relevant group.


English as a Language and/or dialect (EAL/D)

At Brisbane Christian College, we recognise that a child has English as an Additional Language and/or Dialect (EALD) if:

  • They have knowledge of more than one language.
  • They have spoken a language other than English at home for the majority of the time.
  • Their parent/s speak a language other than English at home for the majority of the time.
  • They come from a country where English is not a native language
  • They are born in Australia but not exposed to the English language at home.

EALD support is provided according to students individual needs and may include small group withdrawal, tutoring, or in-class support. Our EALD teachers ensure smooth coordination of specific provisions made to support individual children who are identified as having English as an additional language and work with staff to monitor the student’s progress and plan further intervention and challenge as required. They liaise with parents, pupils and staff to enable a whole school, consistent approach to the inclusion of EALD students.

Student Enrichment Services

Brisbane Christian College is committed to providing a welcoming, caring, and supportive learning environment. This is done through flexible and structured programs, reasonable inclusion, and equitable access to learning for all. Explicit teaching for all students, supported by differentiation, is an essential element of our classrooms. Differentiated instruction is how a teacher anticipates and responds to a variety of student needs in the classroom. To meet student needs, teachers can differentiate by modifying the content, the process, or how learned knowledge is demonstrated.

Our Enrichment and Learning Support department provides learning support to students who have additional learning needs. This assistance is based on the particular needs of each student and the resources available to provide support. Staff are available to support students individually or in group sessions, in their classroom or the comfortable EALS rooms.

Students verified under the Education Adjustment Program (EAP) have an Individual Education Plan (IEP), which is developed in consultation with parents, teachers and external agencies as appropriate. These IEPs are reviewed every year, and teachers implement the recommended adjustments, where applicable to their subject area. Other students who do not come under the EAP may have a Support Plan which outlines adjustments teachers can make to assist individual students in experiencing success in their classes.