Conditions of Enrolment

Parents are offered enrolment at Brisbane Christian College (‘the College’) for their children subject to the following conditions being accepted:
The College authority operates as an accredited school under the Queensland Education Act, and the Pre-Prep Centre is an accredited centre under the National Childcare Accreditation Council and is licensed as a Centre Based Child Care Service under the Office for Early Education and Care. The College authority will provide regular instruction, teaching programs and co-curricular activities as devised by the College authority from Pre-Prep to Senior (Year 12) graduation.

Parents are expected to keep up to date on College activities and policy and shall enable their enrolled children (students) to fully attend the College programs and activities and allow the students to participate fully in the life and programs of the College.

Parents shall provide the student with the correct uniform as approved by the College and ensure that the student is always sent to school neatly and modestly dressed in uniform.

I/We authorise the College to act in their place for the time that their child/ren are on the College grounds or engaged in official school activities, in school or otherwise under the care and control of College staff. Parents will be consulted where matters of discipline become serious or have implications beyond the College.

The College has a set of standards that we expect the students to uphold at all times. This is detailed in the Student Success Diary and other College publications. In particular, students shall behave with Christian standards acceptable to the College and, in particular, shall not use alcohol, tobacco or any unlawful drugs while a student of the College, during or outside College hours or on or outside of College property.

I/We undertake to support and work in cooperation with the leadership of the College to promote the best interests of all students and the College/LIFE Church community. I/We understand that the College is a ministry of LIFE Church.

I/We fully support the Christian values and leadership of the College and subscribe to the teaching as set forth in the College prospectus and agree to my/our child submitting to the College’s faith assignments, academic dress and disciplinary regulations as may be instituted by the Principal and leadership of the College.

The College authority may at its discretion suspend or terminate an enrolment. Parents will be consulted should the need for this ever arise.

I/We give permission for the name and photograph(s) of the student enrolled on this application form to be used in promotional material and/or articles authorised by the College, and on the College website. (Normally, only a child’s given name, not his/her surname, will be included on the College website.)

I/We shall ensure that the College is informed within seven (7) days if any contact details change, such as name, address, email address, telephone numbers, living arrangements, person/s responsible for the fees, etc.

I/We will inform the College if there is a change in the parents’ relationship with each other since signing the application form (e.g. divorce or separation). Unless otherwise directed, the College will require that a new ‘contract of Enrolment Agreement’ be completed by the person who is to assume the obligation of paying school fees. All information given to the College will be treated confidentially.

Information provided to the College may be made available to the Commonwealth & State agencies and the Fund Manager of the ESOS Assurance Fund, pursuant to obligations under the ESOS Act 2000 and the National Code 2007.

Cancellation of Enrolment

Parents shall ensure that fees are always paid on or before the due date, except where special arrangements are made with the Business Office. Failure to pay fees on time could result in your child/ren being withdrawn from enrolment until the fees are up to date. I/We agree to pay all reasonable debt collection charges as established between the College and its collection agency should our account become overdue and is referred to a collection agency.

Parents or guardians must give one (1) term’s notice of termination of enrolment and failure to do so will render them liable for one (1) term’s fees. An exception to this is that in Terms 1 to 3 parents or guardians of Pre-Prep students must give one (1) month’s notice of termination of enrolment for the Pre-Prep student and failure to do so will render them liable for one (1) month’s fees.

Parents must give written notification advising of the withdrawal of Pre-Prep to Year 11 students for the next academic year to the Principal by the first Friday of Term 4, otherwise the College will automatically place your child in the appropriate year level in the following year. Failure to provide the adequate notice will render them liable for one (1) term’s fees.
A breach of the above fee policy amounts to a fundamental breach of enrolment conditions. (The College reserves the right to vary its fee policy from time to time.)

The College cannot provide education to students where fees remain unpaid. It is an enforced policy of the College that a student may not take their place at the College at the start of a term where fees for a previous term remain unpaid unless an approved payment arrangement has been made. Please contact the Business Manager to discuss as soon as you realise the due date cannot be met.

Parents are reminded that any fee discounts (sibling, staff, bursary, etc) received are dependent upon fees/charges being paid by the due date. Discounts will be withdrawn if this condition is not met.
I/We have read and accept the conditions of enrolment set out above, and hereby make application for my/our child to be enrolled at Brisbane Christian College.