Primary School

Primary Student at Brisbane Christian College

‘My teaching — let it fall like a gentle rain. My words arrive like morning dew, like a sprinkling rain on new grass; like Spring showers on the garden.’

– The Message

Our Primary School recognises every student as being a valued individual who is to be given every opportunity to grow to become all that God wants him/her to be. Our classrooms reflect the Christian culture of our College. We reward our students for positive behaviour and discourage anything that would prevent any student from succeeding. Our weekly Primary School Chapel time, Christian songs, Bible lessons and prayer contribute to building the thinking and behaviour in our students that our College recognises as important.

We believe learning should be a fun activity. Our students are kept busy with many different activities that are always productive educationally. Over the last few years many new books, maths games and educational computer games have been added to our resources making our classrooms exciting places to be.

Throughout a normal day, you may see students sitting on the floor discussing a Science topic or a book with their teacher, or you may see students working quietly at their desks completing written work. Students may be seen working with a partner on a joint piece of writing, spelling or even working in small groups on an Art or SOSE project. Music, PE, Computer Technology, fitness and healthy eating are all important aspects of the Primary School’s weekly program.

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College Prospectus and Fees

College Prospectus and Fees


Prep is the first year of school in Queensland, and from 2017 it is compulsory that children undertake Prep prior to Year 1.
Prep is a full-time program.

Children must be five by 30 June in the year they enrol. Please note that Brisbane Christian College does not allow ‘early entry’ to Prep.
Check the table below to see when your child can start Prep.


Programs supporting our Primary School students include the optional after school Tutoring and Homework program, the English as a Second Language program and the Learning Support Program. Learning does not only takes place in the classroom! Once a term our classes enjoy wonderful excursion activities, linked to classroom lessons. We use our own school buses or catch the train to take us about our exciting city. We enjoy taking our students out as they always make us proud with their exceptional behaviour and good manners.


Mandarin Lessons

Students take part in Mandarin lessons from Prep to Year 6. Students participate in weekly thirty minute lessons taught by Mrs Rosa Triana, learning common greetings, easy conversations and writing simple characters.



Primary Gymnastics

Primary School students will have the opportunity to take part in the weekly Robertson Gymnastics program. Our Prep students enjoy an hour long lesson each week while our Year 1-6 students enjoy a 30 minute lesson.


Role M

RoleM stands for: Representations, Oral Language and Engagement in Mathematics. RoleM is an innovative approach for teaching Mathematics that has been tried and tested in recent years. Results have shown that the program, which was developed by two professors at the Australian Catholic University, significantly increased students’ understanding and achievement in Mathematics. It introduces hands-on learning techniques to practically enable students to grasp fundamental mathematical concepts of the Australian Curriculum. Brisbane Christian College has embraced this approach and will be rolling out the program in our Primary School.

The College has committed resources to implementing the program including professional development and  training plans for staff, and manuals for students. The Lower Primary School’s resources have already been ordered. The program will be implemented in Upper Primary School starting with Year 4 in 2014 and move up from there. Although RoleM is a Primary School program, all teaching staff will benefit significantly from training in this important area.

Having triple-streamed year levels has been very beneficial for teachers’ collaborative planning and the College has invested financially to equip teachers and students with innovative resources to help them in the classroom. This is another area of positive growth for our College which will benefit our students in their learning and enjoyment of Mathematics.



Alpha to Omega phonics program

The Primary School is using the Alpha to Omega phonics program from Prep through to Year 6. This program provides our students with sequential and cumulative learning of the sounds that letters make individually and when grouped together. The Alpha to Omega phonics program strongly supports the growth of our students’ reading and spelling skills. Each child’s knowledge of phonics is quickly identified through the diagnostic test which then enables the correct starting point in the program to ensure that there are no gaps in each child’s phonics understanding. As a dyslexic friendly school this program gives excellent support for these children.